Sunday Night praise report, Dec 1, 2013


Okay it’s not Sunday night, but let’s pretend I got this in on time…  Today’s worship meeting was truly a gift!  If you weren’t there the teaching was about how Jesus taught His disciples to pray… in order for prayer to be real and really work in their lives…ask someone who was there if you’re curious!  But something you might not realize just from being there and part of worship is that the worship meeting, the people, the songs, the sermon, was all a powerful answer to prayer!  So if you were there, you cannot say (this week) “I don’t know if I’ve really seen prayer work.”  You have seen it.  Anyway, here’s why I say that, along with some other things I’m thankful for… Continue reading

Sunday night praise report, Nov 24, 2013


So it’s actually Tuesday afternoon and not Sunday night…  But when it comes to thanking God…better late than not at all!  Truth is it was a rough week last week, both Grace and I were tired, and we had some unsettled business between the two of us (married people stuff) that was weighing on me.  On top of that we couldn’t get any of our regular praise leaders for Sunday, and I was not up to leading the music part too this week.  Down down down.  Gravity pulls everything down doesn’t it?  So sometimes all we can do is cling to God’s promises and trust Him.  But God heard our cry and stepped in… and here’s what happened: Continue reading