The evolutionary origins of morality…


A lot of atheists seem to feel like children who’ve been forced by parents to go to church and believe in God.  Like they’ve had religion shoved down their throats, and now they put a lot of energy into fighting back.  As a result, every day there’s another article or book trying to disprove God by arguing there are naturalistic reasons for things like morality.  “You don’t need a ‘god’ to tell you right from wrong, it’s part of how creatures are naturally wired” they say.  “Starting from the right assumptions, you can find a purely evolutionary basis for what we think of as ‘right and wrong.'”  And what you don’t expect me to say right now is: they are absolutely right!  If they’re wrong about something, they’re wrong about what it is they think Christians believe…

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Q&A: did Jesus have a wife?

The short answer is no.  The less short answer is: it would be fine if he did, Moses had a wife, David had many wives, and so it was kind of expected that the Messiah would have a wife also.  To the people of the First Century, it would make Jesus a more likely Messiah if he had a wife… but he didn’t.  In a society in which single people were nothing and everyone was expected to be married, Jesus was nothing.  And by doing so, in a small way, he gave the world a new understanding of what it means to really live…you can be single and still be a full person.  You can be single and save the world.  Before Jesus this was not really the normal way of thinking.  “But what about those scholars who say Jesus was married or had a thing going with one of the Mary’s?  And what about the documents that talk about Jesus being married?” Continue reading

Bible Contradictions 1-5

Someone sent me this list of Bible inconsistencies and I thought maybe what I could do is go down the list and talk about each of them and see what we can learn… The first five have to do mainly with Genesis 1-2 and the two stories of creation: Gen 1 gives a kind of song, listing the seven days of creation in a rhythmic pattern… Gen 2 gives the story, that you’ve probably heard growing up, of Adam and his rib, and Eve and the two trees…  Because I’ve talked about these before (and even made a little YouTube video for Daniel, back when he was still a kid) I’ll respond briefly to the first batch! Continue reading