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[A slightly younger Leo eating dumplings in LA]

Think of me as a brother (older or younger) who does IT…only instead of helping you with your computer, I specialize in spiritual things.  Sort of like a help-desk for connecting with God and the Bible…  So I don’t know more about ‘how you ought to live your life’ than you do – you are the expert on you…  I’m here to be the resident theologian and Bible expert: I can help you understand what God is saying and what it might mean for you…

Anyway, here are some random things about me, in no particular order:

  1. My name is Leo J. Kim, people ask if my parents named me “Leo” and the answer is yes, that’s the name on my birth certificate…  Although for a short time in elementary school I wanted to go by Leonardo because I thought it was a more grown up name…  [commence mocking now]
  2. My greatest accomplishment (to the extent I can take credit for anything) is that I love my Savior. I often get sidetracked with other things and forget about God while ‘doing things in His name’ among other bone-headed things, but when God wakes me up I am a devoted lover of God.
  3. My second greatest accomplishment, for which I can take no credit, is that I’m married to a wonderful woman named Grace. She’s my best friend. Right now she works in the corporate world for a large media company, but she has dozens of business ideas for the future, some of which include yarn.
  4. I believe that it’s important to submit to people (especially those you love), and allow other people to call the shots sometimes – but I am often distrustful of authority figures and large organizations…so I understand what a miracle it is for people to submit to one another and really work together with all their hearts…
  5. I am an INTJ. I was completely socially-retarded for most of my life – so if I don’t seem to know what to say in a social situation, it’s because I don’t. But I’m good at listening.
  6. I am ordained in a denomination called the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America).
  7. Some people know me from the few years I pastored a college ministry in Amherst area, called Amherst Koinonia Church (AKC) – I had fun, and still run into people from the Five Colleges.
  8. I am s-l-o-w-l-y finishing a started a doctorate in Urban Ministry at Westminster Seminary – but decided not to finish it because if I’m just going to do something for myself, I’d rather shoot for making lap records on my bike (not that I’m anywhere near close).
  9. I prefer two-wheels to four so when I’m not riding my motorcycle I’m riding Grace’s little red Buddy Scooter… People sometimes want to know what kind of bike I ride – an old CBR 600RR…
  10. Some people think I look/act like the Mac guy, but I actually prefer PCsthe new MacBook Air is making me think that waiting 15 seconds for my Thinkpad to come out of hibernate is 14 seconds too long.

If you want to connect or want to keep in touch, add me as a FaceBook friend!  Also check out the CF FB page –> link should be somewhere on the right…

4 thoughts on “Pastor Bio

  1. Hey Leo,
    It was great fellowshipping with the group this past Sunday. It was a blessing. Let’s keep in touch, and I’ll be seeing you soon.


  2. Hi there,

    I am writing from South Africa. I just want to say thank you so much for the insightful articles on ministry, work and play… I’ve been stuck in a rut on this iissue and was praying to God to guide me in discovering my ministry/purpose. I just discovered your site and I believe it was through the guidance of the Holy Spirit that I learned from you to separate ministry and work. It may sound strange, and maybe others do too, but I completely confused the two and it caused my great frustration and headaches. I am going to get started on serving right now, even if it is in a really small or simple way, but as you teach, the Holy Spirit will keep on guiding and directing me.

    May God bless and keep you. May His face always shine upon you and bring you much JOY!

    With appreciation,

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