“Where is CityFellowship?”

The church is wherever its people are, so CF is all over Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey (that’s the smarty pants answer)! But we meet for Sunday Worship near Washington Square Park – new location for 2015!  64 W 3rd (2nd floor)  Buzzer 2784* <– have to remember to press *

“Who is CityFellowship for?”

Anyone.  Seriously, anyone who wants to connect with God and willing to connect with other people and likes talking through things…CF is for you. Because we believe our identity in seeking God is BIGGER, more significant than what we do or where we come from…

So if you’re brand new to CF, here’s what I want you to know and remember as you walk in for the first time: this Church exists for your sake. God, in His wisdom, put us here so that you would walk in one day.

“What if I have different beliefs than you?”

Lots of us do.  Many of my beliefs are changing all the time.  That’s why we seek God, so that we can work through our misconceptions and know Him (we use the male pronoun, but we know God isn’t male or female).

I believe that God speaks through and uses many avenues to get in touch with us.  That’s the way He is.  He’ll do anything to get our attention and get His message to us! But at the same time I’m absolutely convinced that the Holy Scriptures teach us something unique and speak with an amazing clarity about God, so I’d love to share that with you!  I think the Bible is often misunderstood and misused, but when read in its proper historical and theological context it speaks profoundly of an amazing Savior God…and I want to share this with you and see what happens as we discuss it together…

Is CityFellowship part of a Denomination?”

Yes.  We are a “mission” church in a denomination called the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America).  But as Christians we consider ourselves partners with Christians of every denomination: Roman Catholic, Baptist, Eastern Orthodox, Pentecostal, Congregational, etc.

“What is something unique about your church?”

Everything.  And nothing…  We’re really like every church in history that’s tried to follow Jesus in their world…but at the same time we live in a different place and time so we can seem totally different.

Something unique about our worship meetings is that you can ask or talk about ANYTHING, without fear… the discussions are the best part of our fellowship – and no topic or question is off limits!

But don’t take my word for it, come and see for yourself!

– Leo

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