This is where we can tell you all about our church and Leo and stuff that people are curious about – because it’s good to be curious and it’s great to know about one another. However, if you’re reading this because you’re looking for a church I (Leo) am going to make a radical suggestion:

…Instead of looking online at church websites, look around you to the people God connects and has connected you with.

If God loves you (and I think he does), and if He knows what he’s doing (which I think he does), then he’s already connected you with a number of churches. Take a good look at the churches God has connected you with, and chances are that the place for you is one of those… or you will find the one as a result of trusting and going.

The reason I think this is a better method than what people normally do is… in my experience there are a couple of ways a church can be the right fit for you. One way is if has a great deal to offer: great worship experience, great programs, great network of people, etc. But another way is if it offers you a chance to grow while at the same time contributing to the growth and happiness of others. You’ll never find the latter through a website. Everyone who church-shops in NYC winds up at either a multi-million dollar ministry (that comes in small/medium/ or mega sizes), or a hipster church where the cool kids hang out. Those churches can be great too, but those were not the attributes of Jesus’ disciples, and they were not the attributes of the early church, so I think they shouldn’t be elevated…

In other words if you wind up at a cool mega-church, great! But if you wind up in a small parish church, that can be great too… IF it’s the one where God wants you to be. But to do this the right way you have to take your search off line, and get online with God’s Spirit who has a way of ordering things.

I’m not saying you join the first church you visit…I mean you might wind up in a cult or something. I’ll tell you about the first time I tried going to church when I was in college some other time. But just the way one might search online and try to discern what is the best church to go to, you can take your search through your social connections and figure out where God may be leading you. If you wind up at CF because you know someone here and this is where God’s leading you, then GREAT! But this is a big city, so chances are you’ll be at one of the many other beautiful outposts of God’s goodness and faithfulness – so let’s start your search on the right foot. 🦶