“What do you want me to do for you?”

God already knows what you want, God already knows what you need, anyone who loved you and could see you would probably know these things so it’s not hard for God to know. And when a blind beggar named Bartimaeus yelled in the street and came up to Jesus it wasn’t hard for anyone to guess what he might want, yet Jesus asked him, and I think he’s asking you too:

Jesus’ question for Bartimaeus

Here’s your life, this is what you got, here’s where you are. There’s no use being miserable about it, or being proud of it, everything here is in a state of constant change. The real question is where do you want to go from here? What do you want God to do here?

The enemy in the Bible is pride. Not only is it unsightly to see and annoying to experience in someone else, it keeps us from doing the one thing that we actually need to do in order to walk with Jesus and see. Asking God means admitting we can’t do something. That we have inabilities. That we lack things that people talk about as basic skills: We can’t make friends. We can’t find people who love us. We can’t come through with simple promises. We can’t control our emotions. We can’t control our finances. We are not good at things we are supposed to be good at. Worse than that, we sometimes do the very things we condemn in other people and betray the love and trust of those who love us (see previous post about self-awareness).

God is not surprised. This is who you are. You’re a work in progress. But where do you want to go from there? Instead of ignoring the past or covering it up or blaming others for it, you need to know where you stand, then tell him what you want Him to do next.

The radical thing that happens when you start to do this… you stop complaining. You stop complaining about your neighbors, about your co-workers, about the people that let you down, about your parents, about your past, about the government, about everything. Just the way a professional tennis player doesn’t think:

“O crap why did the ball have to come that way? I was all ready over here, and then you have to go and hit the ball over there, what’s your problem Serena?”

The tennis player isn’t focused on what just happened, she is focused on “what can I do now?” For Jesus people, the question is “What can God do now?” Here we are, what do I want God to do?

This is Jesus, so he might say no, or come back with another question. But then your job is to get back to the main question this servant Jesus is asking you. God has a plan for your life, yes, but He’s not going to do it without you. His grand plan is to bring you along so that you’re a part of everything He does, so that you’re really a part of the family business.

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