Sunday Night praise report, Dec 1, 2013


Okay it’s not Sunday night, but let’s pretend I got this in on time…  Today’s worship meeting was truly a gift!  If you weren’t there the teaching was about how Jesus taught His disciples to pray… in order for prayer to be real and really work in their lives…ask someone who was there if you’re curious!  But something you might not realize just from being there and part of worship is that the worship meeting, the people, the songs, the sermon, was all a powerful answer to prayer!  So if you were there, you cannot say (this week) “I don’t know if I’ve really seen prayer work.”  You have seen it.  Anyway, here’s why I say that, along with some other things I’m thankful for…

5. We had guests!  On a quiet week when many people were away, in our small out-of-the-way meeting space, we met new people!  And even though they had made plans to leave earlier, they stayed much longer than they planned because they wanted to give God the opportunity to use this time investment.  Any time people intentionally give God a little more time to work – I believe it pays off a hundred times the investment!

4. Along those lines, I think every person who was there was drawn by *God.*  There was no promise of entertaining music, no promise of an entertaining sermon or anything else (although there’s nothing wrong with having those things)… The only reason people came was to see what God might say or do amongst us, and to enjoy being in His and one another’s company.

3. Many people felt like God’s presence was there opening doors, or waiting for us to knock so the door would open…  In other words, God thought our little worship gathering was important enough to make time for.  And if you were there, God thought YOU were important enough to make time to connect with.

2. Carlos was back leading praise, even though he was feeling a little sick.  If I could pick any person in the world to lead praise for us, it would be Carlos.  Matt Redman, David Crowder and Chris Tomlin would make close 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  And seriously I mean that…

1. On a personal note, I survived Thanksgiving week with both my side of the family and the in-laws!  I won’t say any more than that, but if you’ve been around me you know what I’m talking about.

All this was an answer to prayer.  No, prayer is not like a magic button, and yes there are plenty of times when I’m disappointed, but Sunday was not one of them.  We prayed God would bring people and talk to us and give us healing and encouragement and that’s what He did.  Thank you God!

There are other things seeing Rickie (our only college student) home from school, the fact that our two guests were brought by a guest (!) who was only here once before (thank you for honoring us like that)… and more, but we’ll leave it at that for today.

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