Sunday night praise report, Nov 17, 2013


With God’s help I’m starting to see some things I want to share with you…along with some prayer requests. First of all, today’s worship was amazing.  I’m not just being optimistic, our time really was good and here’s why…

1.There were a number of people who (in different ways) were either running away from God (or just missing in action) who genuinely wanted to turn to God again, rediscovering His goodness and mercy.  Pray that the repentance “sticks.”

2. There was at least one person who realized on a deeper level what sinners we are and how good God is.  Praise God!  Pray that everyone would realize this too.

3. There were a couple of miracle babies/toddlers running around whose presence are answers to prayers, and who might not be here if it weren’t for God working on our behalf.  Pray that we can find great ways to nurture and serve the little ones!

4. Fellowship was good, and speaking for myself I got to connect with some folks and that always feels good.

5. There was more than one person who normally would not attend church, honoring us with their presence and being open to God’s Message.  Pray that we would be an easy place for people to explore Christianity.

6. Each of the people in attendance (from what I know) live and work in circles where they are one of the few Christians anyone ever sees.  Pray that through their actions and words they can be good witnesses for Jesus.

7. There was a genuine openness and easy friendliness during the hang out time afterwards – the kind of environment I wouldn’t mind inviting any of my friends or neighbors to!

8. The message and slideshow were beyond my wisdom and ability, speaking to us God’s wisdom in Scripture.  This week we talked about those times when God feels distant, what causes it, why God allows it, and how we grow through it…

9. Even though Carlos (our regular praise leader) was away on vacation, folks made up for it with some heartfelt singing during praise time.

10. This last one is more personal but worth mentioning: some brave folks made the journey to Queens to hang out and share a meal (that they prepared, normally we just order in)!  That used to be my favorite time of the week, Sunday dinner and conversation after church – but we don’t get to do that often enough these days.

If you weren’t here this Sunday, you missed out.  But that’s okay come join us next Sunday but before you do pray that God would work again next Sunday too… because unless He does it, it doesn’t happen.  Have a good week!


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