One whole year of fatherhood!

_DSC7594My daughter’s first birthday was last week.  Time has flown by!  I’m actually shocked to see that my last post was weeks ago!  It feels like I just posted a couple of days ago… So before time runs away from me any further, perhaps this is a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned about God and ministry…

#1 Church is a team effort.  Duh.  But this is #1.  It takes a lot of people working together to make a Sunday worship gathering worthwhile…  Even though I had less sleep and less time to spend on Sunday stuff, we’ve had some of our best Sundays this year!  Not because of me, but because of the ministry of Jesus-followers in our church.  A big part of my job is supporting these folks in their ministries…

#2 My ministry needed (and still needs) work…(as well as Jesus).  When I needed help, I was shocked to find that some people really didn’t care about us or the church.  Some of lacked the time or had too much else going on, but others were resentful and didn’t want to be bothered.  I never imagined that was the case with our church – but God used this opportunity to show real weakness in my ministry.

#3 God is faithful.  When people turned their backs on us – God sent other people who really wanted to serve, and who volunteered without being asked.  Amazing!

#4 Jesus is like Salt.  I used to think of time with Jesus as a particular meal in the day… Breakfast, lunch, Jesus.  Whatever I did I had to make time for my Jesus in the day…  Miss too many meals and I’d get weak.  I still think this is right – but there are seasons when literally every waking minute is taken with something else… like taking care of a newborn full time while working full time.  I realized that I had to make Jesus a part of EVERYTHING I did… just the way we don’t eat all our daily salt in one bowl, but as part of every meal – that brings out the flavor of every meal…  I found ways to incorporate Jesus into more of my day, even though I had less time spend focusing on Him.

#5 It’s all about love.  Understanding people, serving their needs, giving without getting anything in return (other than the fun of giving), is what life is about.  I’ve never had such a one-sided relationship as I have with my daughter.  And yet it’s the most rewarding relationship I could ever imagine.  Scripture says God is love, and we’re made in His image, so all His commands for us are really about loving well, loving neighbor, loving God, loving enemies, forgetting self, serving without limit…  God sent me a little drill sergeant to get this through to my iNTj brain.

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