Why I’m thankful for Hurricane Sandy

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If Katrina taught us anything it’s that the post-storm problems are bigger than the storm itself.  That’s true in NY.  New York has never been hit so hard by a storm.  There are many in the Bronx and Brooklyn and Queens who really have no way of accessing clean water, food, supplies, and electricity.  Lower Manhattan residents have to hike a couple of miles to get these things while subways are still off line in many areas.  On top of that many people lost homes.  A few dozen have lost their lives.  If your neighborhood was less affected, then it’s easy to overlook, this really was a bad storm.  BUT…I’m still really really thankful.  Here are three quick reasons why…

1. With all the insane flooding the area has seen, there are relatively few deaths.  Imagine if no one had prepared or heeded the warnings, a storm this size could have cost hundreds and thousands of lives.  But it didn’t, and that’s amazing!

2. The weather since the storm has been cool but manageable.  Imagine if this happened at the height of summer heat: there would be many more problems this week.  Or if this happened in the middle of winter: there would have been many more casualties.  I’ve actually spent a winter without any heat or hot water and it’s not nice.  This just might be the best time of year to be without power.

3. If you’re in one of the areas that was hardest hit, you’re not alone, and do people care.  There’s a guy on a news channel I’m watching who’s upset that NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE what his family is going through – and that other than FEMA workers no one has come to help them…  He’s understandably upset but people do care.  Not only are there FEMA workers and local aid groups, there are ad hoc volunteers from all over – total strangers who actually just want to help.  There are even more people who haven’t volunteered, who’d be willing to do something (if they only knew what to do) to help too.  That is amazing!  Not only that, the government is rushing to get as much help out there as possible – this is not a “developing” country – this is not a neglected part of the world – this is not even Katrina – so we ought to be thankful.

But more importantly: God is not in your home or your possessions or in your cel phone reception…He did not get washed away in the storm, and God is good.  All the things you lost because of the storm, you’ll either get the same thing back or better.  That includes those who lost loved ones due to the storm…

In a perfect world bad things wouldn’t happen because of weather.  (And I know some people want to ask ‘why a good and loving God would allow bad weather and earthquakes to happen…’  Ask me in person…) Because we live in a broken world, things break, but it’s not as bad as it might have been – by far!  Anyway – feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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