what do you live for?

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Here’s a little spiritual homework assignment that can change your life: take out a piece of paper (or open a new doc file) and write out in one sentence “what” you live for.  What is it that if you did not accomplish, your life would be a waste – and if you do accomplish, even if you lose everything else, you will feel you’ve been successful.  Take some time with this.  The hard part is you ALREADY have an answer to this that you never admitted to yourself or put into conscious thoughts.  Then when you’ve done that, beneath it, make a list of things that you DO during the week, and explain how they go toward doing “what you live to do.”  This is to double check: the majority of things you DO should be related to what you wrote for “what you live to do”…  If it doesn’t then go back and reconsider what you put down in the first line, to see if there might not be something else you’re really living for…

Now we know things go wrong when people live for the wrong things… even if they’re “good” things, unless they’re things really worth living for – we wind up not really “living.”  So we want to think about this and live for something WORTH living for…  At this point, maybe you’re expecting me to tell you what you should live for – but I’m not… Instead let me ask you: what do you think Jesus would say?  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section…

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3 thoughts on “what do you live for?

  1. 🙂 nope not a trick question… Good church members can still waste time – and waste their lives doing “nothing” and often feel that they are…

    So what would make you feel like you’re wasting life? What do you think you’re here to do?

    *EDIT* or maybe another way to rephrase the question is: What does the “good life” look like to you?

    That’s probably related to what you’re really living for…

  2. To help us think through this, here’s a list of common things one could live for:

    1. To make a little more money next year than this year (if you made less year over year – you’d be depressed)

    2. To start a family and take care of it (if you never got married, you’d get depressed ‘because that’s what your life is for…’)

    3. To have nicer stuff, buy a little nicer car, little nicer apartment.

    4. To have fun, pleasure, eat, travel, see movies, hang out with friends. (If you didn’t have fun you’d be depressed ‘because that’s what your life is for…’).

    5. To go UP in status, get more respect, a higher title, more degrees.

    6. “To survive” – to get by paying the bills.

    7. To learn new things (if you weren’t expanding your mind, learning new things, you’d be depressed ‘because that’s what your life is for…’)

    8. The American Dream: house and a two car garage, family, dog, back yard…

    9. To win. To succeed in whatever you do, and do it better than other people.

    10. To express your individuality through your choices, your work, your clothes, your life.

    What’s YOUR? How do all the things you do – where you live – how you spend your money – where you live, reflect that? And what do you think Jesus would have you live for?

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