Let’s celebrate!

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People on Wall Street celebrate after a good market day…  Even though they still need to do more tomorrow… Even though the market will eventually go down again (and then back up, and then back down).  People meditate (think about and feel) on the goodness of having made money.  They cheer, they high five, they throw lavish parties sometimes…  All over a few numbers held in a book or a computer.  So perhaps we should celebrate too!

Yes we have further to go, lots more to do in the name of Jesus, lots more repenting, lots more praying – and lots more we need.  But even so…perhaps we should celebrate for the AMAZING place we’re in.  Maybe we should meditate and think about and feel the goodness of what God has done recently.  The way God gave us repentance, so that we call ourselves out on our own sin!  The way we have two minds in us, the Spirit-led mind that wants what God wants, and our old-self-mind, so we can choose between the two.  Let’s celebrate the way God took self-centered self involved people and is making us more and more like Him – so much so that we can often imagine what it will be like to be truly good, and kind, and forgiving, and confident, unshakable, bold, fearless.

And let’s celebrate our church: that we’re the real deal!  We’re not spiritually dull, mired in tradition – we’re imperfect people coming to repentance – hearing the Word of God, wrestling with Him, learning about Him, and loving our Savior.  Our Sunday meeting is a place where people who are estranged from God come to reconcile.  More and more, we’re a worshipping community that we can bring ANYONE to…with confidence knowing that they’ll get (and hear and feel) something of God’s power and grace.  And Jesus says our names have been written in the book of life.  Yeah, we have some things to celebrate too!

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