Glory and Despair…

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I’m not in despair, and I hope that you’re not either – but since we’re on the topic of where you get your glory I think we should mention it…  If we were trapped in a cave with no light and no hope of rescue, or some other outlandish situation like that it would be right and normal to be in despair.  What’s interesting about us as spiritual creatures though, is that a person can be young and beautiful and smart and well-fed and healthy – and STILL be in despair!  And it’s very often the young and talented that find themselves in that emotional place…  If you’ve read the previous post, then you know that everyone gets glory (self worth) from some place or other.  When we do right by our source of glory, we feel it – when we fail it, then we actually feel like failures, shame, or guilt…  And when we blow it big time so that there is no hope of ever getting any more glory from it, we feel…DESPAIR.

This is when people get suicidal thoughts… If your source of glory was your attractiveness, and you were to lose your attractiveness somehow, physically or by reputation – life will no longer seem worth living.  If your source of glory was your success, and your ability to succeed in the way you want is lost somehow – you will feel like life is no longer worth living…  If you got your glory from making money, and you were to lose it all, then life at that point would no longer seem worth living.

To someone with a different source of glory than you, it’s hard to imagine what the fuss is all about…  They say things like, “it’s okay, so what if it didn’t work out, you’ll do something else…”  To which your heart says, “there IS nothing else.”  THAT, whatever that is, is your source of glory..and shame.

Here’s the hard lesson from the Bible – any source of glory you have will eventually run dry.  Your power will fade, your beauty will fade, your career will become irrelevant – maybe not tomorrow, but in this lifetime… So that those who need glory from these things – no matter how happy at present – are destined for dark times…  Unless…you get your glory from Him.  From being reborn, from being an adopted child of the Almighty.  …in which case you’ll have a glory that lets you work and attract and have fun (or not) and yet never despair… This is what the prophet Isaiah meant when he said those who wait on God will ride up on eagles wings – they’ll run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint – they’ll be able to live life to the fullest, fight for change, win sometimes, lose sometimes, and at the end of the day put up their feet and kick back – and sleep soundly…

So where do you get your glory?

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