Grace notes…

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A musician can’t just play the notes off the page and hope to make music.  An actor can’t just read lines off a script and hope to make compelling drama.  You need to take what’s there and work-it, mold it, see what it’s supposed to be and could be and wrangle it to bring it out.  The same is true for cultural rules, organizational policies, laws, etc.  Even with the best policies, if you only do what the rules require of you, it’s going to suck.  What you need to do is “to do what God requires of you.”  Take that tired old policy, that bureaucracy, that custom or cultural requirement, and make it sing!  Beat the rules into submission and make it an instrument of blessing people, rather than a hassle.

What do you call it when you do something you don’t have to do – give someone something more than they deserve?  It’s called grace.  This is how we live as people of grace.

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