Why I’m glad we don’t have Sunday school teachers…

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One of my favorite parts of church as a younger Christian was Sunday school – the classes after worship service…  So I have nothing against that.  But I’m glad we don’t have stuff *like* Sunday school and youth groups and praise teams that people can volunteer for… because when you have those things – the people who volunteer for them tend to think of THAT as their ministry.  “O I’d love to be involved in ministry, but I’m not musical, and I don’t know that I could teach a class in anything…”  Or “I’d love to be involved in ministry, like the ‘Children’s Ministry.'”  It’s too easy to confuse the ministry *program*, with your ministry…

What’s your ministry? It’s the difference between following Jesus and “leading” Him.  Most professed Christians aren’t God-followers so much as God-leaders…  Our natural human inclination is to want to LEAD God to places we want to go, and demand that God follow and do his part.  But *following* means going and doing things we would not have chosen for ourselves, but doing it because it’s what Jesus wants to do…  And there’s some unique way in which you have been placed and equipped to DO something (usually for other people) – something that’s not part of your job, and something that you don’t really need to do for yourself.

Being on a worship team or a volunteer at Sunday School is nice, and it can help the ministry of your church – but for MOST people, your ministry is something bigger than that, and beyond the walls of your church.

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