Shake Shack or Centrum?

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Apologies to all you healthy-eating folks out there, but this is not about dieting…I want to talk about the difference between religion vs. true believers.  Both Centrum and Shake Shack have proven themselves to be good products in their own ways, and both (I think) sell quite well.  Then what’s the difference?  One has people who use the product religiously, and the other has true believers, evangelists, and people who delight in it.

So here’s the question: is God like a vitamin, or a really good hamburger?  Is God something that you know is “good for you” and so you tolerate with a glass of water, as long as it’s convenient; or is God worth waiting on line for?  Is God something worthy to delight oneself in, or just (a kind of) necessity?

A second question might be: do you think there’s something a little screwed up about encountering God as just “something you ought to do?”  Or is God actually something like the Grand Canyon, or seeing the earth from space…something that demands delight, awe and wonder?  You decide, I’m going to get something to eat.

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