Duty or delight…

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Traditional religious thinking relies on a person’s sense of duty: you must commit, and you must sacrifice…  But I want to challenge those values a bit.  It’s not that commitment and sacrifice aren’t important, it’s just that the Bible’s thinking is a little more profound when it comes to these things.  How so?  Well, the thing is…you already commit and sacrifice for the things you delight in.  And that’s really the kind of commitment and sacrifice God is after…

So if your heart really delights in something…then you will wind up sacrificing a great deal for it.  For example, if you delight in watching football games, then hours huddled in the cold wearing nothing but body paint for your favorite team can be your idea of a GREAT day.  You’ll even gladly accept persecution rooting for a team, when that’s the thing you delight in.  If you delight in your career you will probably sacrifice your personal life; if you delight in your personal life, you will sacrifice your professional life.  If you delight in your own pride, you will sacrifice meaningful friendships.  The MORE you delight, the MORE you will commit and sacrifice…  Because you ALWAYS commit and sacrifice for the things your heart delights in!

People are always saying “Oh I couldn’t do xyz (for God) because of yaddayadda.”  My question is, well would you have been able to do it if you were getting paid?  If it got you a better title?  If it got you true love?  If it was really fun?  Because when you delight in something, you find a way to get there… And whatever it is you delight in most is the thing you refuse to miss out on, regardless of the sacrifice…even if you have to make a fool of yourself.  So here’s the thing, I believe God does NOT want you to just sacrifice for Him or commit to Him…  He wants you to DELIGHT in Him.

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