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Most people think there are only two sides…  There is YOUR side, the side which includes the people in your tribe: it can be a political tribe (Conservative – Liberal), or religious (Agnostic – Christian), or ethnic, or based on your age or your micro-culture…  But most people see only two sides, there’s YOUR side, and the OTHER side.  But there’s really one more, there’s the side of TRUTH.  And the truth is that sometimes your side is right, sometimes your side is wrong, so you have to decide if you’re going to stand with YOUR people or if you’re going to do the hard work of following the truth.

So if everyone in your tribe thinks that the Sun revolves around the earth… that doesn’t mean you have to.  There is a truth you can find.  And if everyone in your tribe thinks that you are mentally and morally superior to another group of people, it doesn’t mean that you have to go along with it.

The tricky thing about recommending God (what I’m trying to do) is, on the one hand we’re saying that what “everyone” around non-religious circles believes about life and meaning is wrong.  Everyone thinks that work and sex and money are the most important things…but they’re not.  But on the other hand, we’re not saying that you should just become “religious” either… Christianity in America is associated with so MANY things that have nothing to do with God or Jesus or the Bible… Jesus’ true-religion is often hijacked by politics and sub-culture…as most people know.  So I’m not telling you to go get religious or become “Christian” according to some culturally acceptable definition of “Christian.”  What I want to do is point you toward Truth.  It’s not your side or their side – ever…it’s God’s side.

The confusing thing about God in the Bible is that sometimes He is FOR Israel, and other times He is AGAINST Israel (even while He still proclaims his devotion toward her).  Why is that?  Because God is on the side of truth.  God is truth.  And so seeking Him means bravely, honestly, seeking that third side.  [One has to seek truth because it’s never just on one side or another…it doesn’t stay put – so you have to go look for it…]

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