Redefining Success

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How do you know when you’ve had a good day?  “Duh!” someone says, “you just know…”  But do you?  So if people praise you and think you’re great, or you get compliments for something and things work out the way you want, then it’s a good day right?  Most people would agree to that, but allow me to present a different idea.  What if you defined success not by what “the world” said, but by what God would say.  Now I know that sounds as preachy as one can get, but think about this…  Even if you’re not religious at all – the implications of this are huge…

So all these bankers who made a killing on things having to do with sub-prime loans – they were all getting bonuses, nice salaries, praise.  Mediocre writers in Hollywood, mediocre talents on tv, all get pats on the head from corporate higher-ups.  And sometimes you experience this too (from time to time): you do a half-assed job and someone else thinks it’s brilliant.  And even though you know better, you accept the praise and take it as validation.

But what if instead of playing to the dumb unknowing masses, (the corporate bosses, your public,) in hopes of doing something mediocre that brings “success” – what if you only cared about what God thought?  If you worked to please a wise all-seeing audience that only cares about the TRUTH.  Sure, oftentimes your great acts of heroism would go unnoticed by the masses.  People might even falsely accuse you of things that aren’t true (that’s what the false praise is too by the way).  But at the end of the day you’d know you’re a success if that all-seeing Audience was proud of your choices.  Consider, what the world would be like if people did that?  Consider what you would be like if you did that?  The word “integrity” comes to mind.

Now I happen to know some people who are like this.  They are heroes even if the world doesn’t know it yet. They do what’s good regardless of who sees it, or what outcome it has because they know there’s a God who cares about truth, and He sees it.  They’ve gone from serving man-made things to serving God.  These are the people who will save the world.  Because in very small ways they’re doing what Jesus did.  So how about we join them?  I propose a good day is any day (no matter how crappy the circumstances) in which you can hear whispers from heaven that say “well done my good and faithful servant.”

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