How to Live Like a King

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So this is the title of a mini-series we’re doing on Sundays this summer, “How to Live Like a King” looking at the life of King David.  If you’re reading along you should know in advance that David, along with all the people in the Bible (and the world) are flawed characters.  He’s not supposed to be an ideal the way “the Good Samaritan” might be.  Instead, like any real person, he has flaws and contradictions and he makes mistakes.  But what made him a “man after God’s own heart” was that he GOT something about God that most people either miss, or see and then forget.  Curious?  You can take a listen (or download by right clicking and saving) by clicking here.  The text was from 1 Samuel, click click.

[About the photo: David on a throne]

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